$1,650,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident

David Fried represented a woman who was 33 weeks pregnant. As the woman was crossing the street in 2005, she was struck by a motor vehicle exiting a parking garage. Liability was contested, as the driver claimed our client jumped out in front of him as he pulled out. The woman suffered brain bleeds, and needed emergent treatment. As a result, her baby was delivered by emergency C-section. She then underwent surgery to evacuate the bleed, and had an extensive admission for a brain injury. In addition, she had to undergo extensive in-patient and out-patient treatment for more than one year. Our client continues to have residual deficits which impact her speech, causing slurring of words. She also has balance problems which affect her walking. Unrelated to her injuries, our client was diagnosed in 2008 with cancer, and has been given a poor 5 year survival rate. As a result, the future damages, including the Life Care Plan prepared by an expert David worked with have limited relevance to this case. The baby is fine, and is now 4 years old and meeting all milestones. David settled this case for $1,650,000