$450,000 Settlement for Insurance Dispute

  • Date: Summer 2014
  • FIRM
  • Settlement: $450,000
  • Practice Areas: Miscellaneous

The firm represented a woman seeking to collect “Accidental Death and Dismemberment” benefits on her husband’s life insurance policy after his tragic death. Her husband had purchased a life insurance policy which provided a double indemnity benefit if his death would be caused by an accident. The insurance company paid the underlying claim but refused to pay out the proceeds of the “Accidental Death and Dismemberment” claim contending that the double indemnity was not in force because the client was disabled and on a waiver of premium program. The firm filed a complaint alleging claims in contract and in insurance malpractice, contending that if in fact the contract did not provide the double indemnity while the insured was on the waiver of premium program, the insured was not properly notified of the same and the documents sent to the client including the insurance certificate suggested to the contrary. After filing suit, the case was resolved for $450,000.