$600,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident / Passenger Injuries

John Molinari represented an 80-year-old passenger in a county transport van. The driver of a church van negligently made a left turn into the path of the county van carrying our client, causing the collision. The defendant’s van was covered by a primary $500,000 policy and the defendant driver had a $100,000 personal policy that was considered secondary coverage. The defendant did not essentially dispute his culpability. The plaintiff maintained that he suffered severe lower leg fractures that required surgery, and that he developed complications involving infection, requiring a number of subsequent surgeries and multiple hospitalizations over the next year. Although the infections ultimately resolved, our client continues to suffer pain and difficulties ambulating. The plaintiff also struck his head on the windshield and required several sutures but did not suffer cognitive deficits. The case settled prior to trial for the $600,000 policy limits.