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Pedestrian Injuries

Approximately 1,000 pedestrians are killed in traffic accidents in the United States annually with thousands more injured. When a motor vehicle strikes a person, the result can be devastating, causing permanent or temporary injuries, disability, and even death.

Pedestrian accidents occur due to a variety of factors, especially driver error. Weather conditions, compromised vision due to road conditions, traffic patterns, and the behavior of other drivers can all contribute to the occurrence of pedestrian accidents. Poorly marked crosswalks or drivers who are not familiar with right-of-way laws can also contribute to these devastating accidents.

Unfortunately, many victims settle their claims quickly with insurance companies, are not compensated properly, and are left with monetary obligations for medical bills, vocational rehabilitation needs, and even psychological trauma which requires counseling or medication. In these quick settlements made directly with insurance companies, a pedestrian's ability to earn wages and future treatment costs or potential health problems due to their injuries are not considered.

However, pedestrians involved in these types of accidents do have the option of suing for damages in civil court. They may obtain monetary settlements or awards from negligent parties to help pay for the costs and losses associated with the accident. This litigation process can be lengthy and confusing. It is recommended that anyone filing a pedestrian accident lawsuit do so with the help of an NJ personal injury attorney experienced in this type of litigation.

With a long track record of favorable verdicts and large settlements, Blume Forte is trusted in New Jersey as a source for legal representation surrounding personal injury cases. We have the resources to handle even the most severe pedestrian accident case.

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