New Jersey Legal Malpractice Lawyers

Suing an Attorney for Malpractice in NJ

Your choice of New Jersey malpractice lawyer can greatly affect your case. Most attorneys are worthy of the public’s trust and are ethically bound to protect that interest. However, there are those who will take advantage of clients and their lack of experience with the legal system, or who lack the experience and resources needed to properly protect a client’s interest. The results can be disastrous, including the payment of thousands of dollars in useless legal fees and case costs and, worse, the often irreversible loss of your case.

If you’re a victim of this type of professional negligence, you can hold the lawyer responsible for your losses by bringing a case for legal malpractice.


  • Missing filing deadlines or allowing a statute of limitations to pass without filing a case.
  • Not understanding the law or other issues surrounding a case.
  • Stealing money held in escrow for a client.
  • Ethics violations, such as not disclosing a conflict of interest.
  • Failing to follow a client’s instructions or not getting consent before acting.
  • Failure to meet obligations outlined in the attorney’s own contract.
  • Inaccurate representation that one is qualified to pursue a civil action through trial.

In order to prove a legal malpractice claim, you must be able to show that the lawyer’s negligence, mistakes, or crimes changed the likely outcome of your case. Frequently, that means rehashing the entire original case in court. For that reason, legal malpractice lawsuits are very complicated cases requiring commitment, resources, and special experience. At Blume Forte, we have decades of experience specializing in complex lawsuits surrounding issues of professional responsibility.

Founded in Newark in 1929, the law firm of Blume Forte has decades of experience helping injured people in New Jersey secure financial relief through the courts. We’re proud of our record of substantial financial recoveries for our clients, including verdicts and settlements of more than $320 million in just the last five years. Our attorneys specialize in complex litigation involving substantial legal and medical issues. Most of our attorneys are Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as Civil Trial Attorneys. And we have four offices in Red Bank, North Bergen, Jersey City, and Chatham.

If you’re considering a legal malpractice lawsuit in the State of New Jersey, contact Blume Forte today for a free evaluation of your case.