Research Shows Increase in Survival Rate with Only ABVD Treatment of Limited-State Hodgkins Lymphoma

According to an article in The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), recent research concerning the varying treatments and prognosis of stage IA or IIA non-bulky Hodgkin’s lymphoma has demonstrated that patients receiving ABVD treatment alone experience a higher rate of survival, or decreased risk of early death, and less side effects when compared to patients who were treated solely with radiation therapy.

The past standard treatment strategy for stage IA or IIA non-bulky Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients was staging laparotomy and subtotal nodal radiation therapy. Although this treatment was effective in curing 70 to 80 percent of patients, these patients were still at risk of premature death from late adverse effects of radiation, such as cardiovascular disease and additional cancers. Staging laparotomy was eventually eliminated, as the combination of radiation therapy and ABVD chemotherapy resulted in the long-term control of the cancer in 90 percent of patients. This combination also reduced the risk of radiation-related risks.

The final results concerning treatment outcomes of this research study concluded that the rate of overall survival among non-bulky Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients was higher for those patients in the ABVD chemotherapy-only group versus those in the radiation therapy group. No significant differences were found as to the rate of “event-free” survival.

Trends may be discovered as far as the effectiveness of certain treatments over others; however, this does not mean that physicians should only refer to such research when prescribing treatment. Every individual case is different, deserves the personal attention of the physician, and consideration as to all treatment options. If ineffective treatment results in a higher risk of injury, then the physician who prescribed that treatment may be held liable if a patient is injured by such treatment.

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