Gov. Chris Christie Announces Research Hub at Cooper Cancer Institute

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently announced that the Cooper Cancer Institute in Camden will be partnering with the MD Anderson Cancer Center of Houston to form a treatment and research hub. As reported by, the hub is designed to make south New Jersey a destination for a wide variety of clinical trials for cancer.

In October, the cancer centers will be opening a $100 million treatment center that will total 103,030 square feet. The president of the Anderson Center stated that the partnership between the two centers will “advance and sustain our mission to end cancer in the nation and the world.” Currently, the Anderson Cancer Center has the largest amount of patients in clinical trials in the nation with 8,500 people, and the largest pool of cancer research grants totaling approximately $647 million.

According to reports, more than 49,000 New Jersey residents were diagnosed with cancer in 2011, with lung cancer being the top cause of death. Approximately 17,000 residents of the state die from cancer every year.

“There probably isn’t a family in this state, including my own, that hasn’t been affected by the physical and emotional pain that comes with these devastating words: ‘You have cancer’,” said Gov. Christie at the announcement of the treatment center.

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