May Is Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month – Stay Safe in the Sun

The New Jersey cancer misdiagnosis lawyers at Blume Forte understand the importance of prevention of skin cancer and awareness about the disease. We support and continue the efforts that were made in conjunction with Skin Cancer Awareness Month, especially during the summer months when we all should be aware of the increased risks associated with sun exposure.

Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in the United States, with approximately 3.5 million people diagnosed every year, according to a report published online at

The two major categories of skin cancer that can affect you are nonmelanoma and melanoma. Currently, approximately 13 million Americans have been diagnosed with nonmelanoma, and approximately 800,000 people have been diagnosed with melanoma. In conjunction with Skin Cancer Awareness Month in May, the Skin Cancer Foundation has revealed nine ways that people can prevent this form of cancer.

  1. Seek the shade in the middle of the day.
  2. Do not get sunburned.
  3. Do not tan or use UV tanning booths.
  4. Cover yourself with clothing when exposed to the sun.
  5. Use UVA/UVB sunscreen.
  6. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside.
  7. Protect babies from the sun.
  8. Examine your skin for signs of cancer.
  9. Have a professional skin exam every year.

Be aware of the signs of skin cancer. Basal cell carcinoma occurs in sun-exposed areas but can occur elsewhere, and typically looks like either a pearly, waxy bump or a flat, brownish lesion, while squamous cell carcinoma presents itself as a firm, red nodule or a flat, crusty, or scaly lesion. Melanoma can occur anywhere on the body and can look like a brown spot with speckles, with or without uneven edges. Monitor yourself, and healthcare providers should also monitor your skin condition by examining the asymmetry, borders, color, diameter, and evolution of a suspicious mole.

More information on Skin Cancer can be found at:

Skin cancer, like all other forms of cancer, requires a proper timely diagnosis in order to begin treatment quickly. If a healthcare provider fails to diagnose skin cancer in a timely fashion, the disease process may be permitted to progress to the detriment of the patient; worsening the prognosis and causing a need for more extensive treatment. If you believe you have suffered due to such negligence, call Blume Forte. Through a no-cost consultation, you can more fully understand your legal rights. We can be reached by calling 973-845-4421.

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