April Is National Cancer Control Month; White House Emphasizes Safe Living

President Barack Obama and the Congress of the United States declared April 2013 to be National Cancer Control Month. In a presidential proclamation, the White House has called on the nation as a whole to continue its effort to decrease cancer death rates and reduce the risk of cancer through healthy lifestyles.

As part of Cancer Control Month, President Obama has urged citizens to exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, limit alcohol intake, limit sun exposure, and live tobacco free. All of these actions can help reduce the risk of cancer. Additionally, everyone is encouraged to visit health care providers to receive appropriate screenings, tests and check-ups to detect the presence of cancer in it’s earliest stages.

President Obama called on citizens to recommit to the improvement of cancer detection, prevention, and treatment, as well as to honor “the memory of the courageous men and women who have lost their lives to the disease.” Organizations and individuals are encouraged to take part in activities that increase awareness about preventing and controlling cancer.

The complete proclamation from the President can be found at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2013/03/29/presidential-proclamation-national-cancer-control-month-2013.

Prevention and early detection and/or treatment of cancer is the best first defense that anyone could have against the potentially fatal disease process.   We need to rely on our healthcare providers to correctly and timely recognize the signs and symptoms of cancers, diagnose the disease in a timely fashion and effectively treat the disease once diagnosed.  Unfortunately, there are instances when healthcare providers fail to properly diagnose and treat the disease, resulting in a worsened prognosis, and often the need for more extensive treatment,  significant severe medical conditions and possibly death.

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