Cancer Concern Center Encourages Public Support to Raise Funds in NJ Marathon

According to the Point Pleasant Patch, the Cancer Concern Center in Point Pleasant Beach is requesting help from the public by way of donations, volunteers, runners, and business sponsorships in order to raise $50,000 for the Center. The hub of the fundraising event is the New Jersey Marathon at the Shore on May 6. As of now, the Cancer Concern Center, a Bronze Charity Partner, has over 40 runners and volunteers dedicated to raising funds for local cancer services and support.

The Cancer Concern Center, which has no national group affiliations, and has no paid staff, offers a variety of support services for cancer patients and survivors, including nutritional counseling, support groups, meditation, massage, yoga, Reiki, and even new wigs. The Center, which was founded by two breast cancer survivors in 1998, focuses on adults with cancer who live in Bay Head, Brick, Point Pleasant, Point Pleasant Beach, and southern Monmouth County. The ability to pay for programs and services is not necessary; and there are no mandatory fees at the Cancer Concern Center, making fundraising integral to the Center’s ability to function.

Every donation and sponsorship given to the Center goes directly into the organization and is used toward local cancer support services and wellness programs. The New Jersey Marathon at the Shore race course is USAT&T certified, has no substantial hills and is practically flat, and is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon. If you are interested in supporting the Cancer Concern Center as a volunteer or runner at the NJ Marathon, contact Lisa Montalbano, the center’s office manager, and its marathon team co-chair, at (732) 701-0250 or at:

Support services and wellness programs can help a cancer patient cope with the disease, but his or her prognosis is dependent on correct and timely diagnosis.

If you or a loved one suffers from or has passed away from cancer as the result of a healthcare professional’s failure to timely diagnose and treat cancer, you may be entitled to pursue a medical negligence claim.

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