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What Is a Medication Error?

We trust our doctors and other healthcare providers to correctly and timely prescribe appropriate medications to treat our medical conditions and/or help alleviate our symptoms. Likewise, we trust pharmacists to fill prescriptions properly.

A medication error occurs when the wrong medication is prescribed, or when properly prescribed but not given timely. Further errors include proper medication prescriptions written but filled incorrectly. These errors may result in injury or death.

Information Regarding Prescriptions and Healthcare Provider’s Responsibilities

It is important that we all are made aware of information relative to the risks and consequences of taking a particular medication. We may be provided with written information when our prescriptions are dispensed. However, that information is often confusing and technical. Provision of that written information does not remove the responsibility of healthcare providers to advise patients of similar information and explain the risks and possible side effects of medications. Nor does it negate a healthcare provider’s, pharmacist’s, or pharmacy’s responsibility to ensure that medications taken by a patient are not in conflict with one another.

What Are Your Rights?

If your pharmacist or doctor was negligent in prescribing, administering, or filling a prescription and you suffered an injury, New Jersey personal injury laws allow you to pursue compensation for your injuries and associated losses. Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari can assist you by evaluating your potential claim and advising you of your options.

New Jersey Medication Error Verdicts and Settlements

For over 70 years, our team of skilled New Jersey medical malpractice attorneys have assisted New Jersey families with obtaining compensation for their injuries and damages due to medication errors. Some of these verdicts and settlements include:

After using a drug produced by a pharmaceutical company, a plaintiff suffered a very serious injury. Our law firm negotiated a settlement of $5 million.

In another case, an elderly man at a nursing home was overmedicated resulting in a heart attack. He suffered from serious brain damage. Our law firm helped his family secure a $3 million settlement in this medication error claim.

In another case, a pregnant mother was admitted to a hospital to give birth to her twins. Prior to and during the labor process, she suffered from pre-eclampsia (elevated blood pressure etc.). A doctor ordered a medication generically called Magnesium Sulfate as treatment. The nurses on staff failed to administer the ordered medication, and twelve hours later the woman suffered a seizure, resulting in partial blindness. Our attorneys obtained a $4.75 million settlement due to the medication error.

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