Somers Point Hospital Staffer Charged with Drug Tampering and Theft

When you are admitted to the hospital with serious injuries and extreme pain, you expect to be cared for safely. You and your family have every reason to believe that the hospital personnel will provide you with medications to relieve your pain. Medications can be life saving. But, they’re also still drugs and get stolen. Health care professionals accused of stealing drugs need to be caught. And that is exactly happened to one former hospital pharmacist in South Jersey recently.

The 53-year old man, who worked at Shore Memorial Hospital in Somers Point, was arrested on charges of drug tampering, theft by unlawful taking, and possession of a controlled dangerous substance. Authorities descended upon his Egg Harbor home and booked him in Atlantic County jail in late January 2015. His arrest stemmed from theft incidents that took place in July and September of 2014.

The man was accused of stealing morphine from individual patients and then replacing it with saline solution. Once the crime was uncovered, the man was suspended immediately and forced to surrender his pharmacy license.

Unfortunately, while such abuses are far from the norm in area hospitals, they are also not that uncommon. If you or a loved one has been mistreated by hospital staff or physicians, contact Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari today to discuss your legal options.

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