What Healthcare Providers Can Do to Guard Against Cancer Misdiagnosis

It is well recognized in the medical community that the most crucial factor in battling cancer is early detection. Cancer in its earliest stages is much more treatable than cancers that have been allowed to progress and/or metastasize.

That is why it is highly advisable to pursue cancer screenings on a regular basis.

Healthcare providers need to be cognizant of the need for adequately frequent cancer screenings and must take into account each particular patient’s risk factors which may require more frequent and comprehensive screenings. Diagnostic and screening studies and their frequency for both sexes and for many types of cancers might be mandated simply by a patient’s age and the increasing risk of getting cancer as we get older.

It is during these screenings that doctors are responsible for diagnosing cancer or recognizing signs/symptoms of cancer and/or its precursor conditions. These screenings, if undertaken properly, generally lead to earlier diagnosis, earlier treatment, and a better prognosis (or outcome).

If you believe that your health and well-being were put at risk due to cancer misdiagnosis or a delay in diagnosis or treatment, you may be able to pursue claims for your considerable losses. Please contact an experienced New Jersey medical malpractice lawyer at Blume Forte to obtain more information about your potential claim.

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