Study Looks into Why Bladder Cancer Is Misdiagnosed in Women

Recent studies have indicated that women with blood in their urine were less than half as likely as men with the same issue to be referred to an urologist for further tests. This may explain why women with bladder cancer are often subjected to delays in the diagnosis of their bladder cancer. Delayed diagnoses equate to a worsened prognosis and higher mortality rates.

One study states that blood in the urine may be the first symptom of bladder cancer. The American Urological Association recommends that anyone over 35 exhibiting this particular symptom without a benign explanation get an evaluation that includes cystoscopy, a process that involves internal examination of the bladder and the urinary tract.  Researchers found that only 17 percent of females with blood in their urine were referred for further evaluation and diagnosis during the study period, compared to 39 percent of men.

The data suggests that delays because of the misdiagnosis and treatment of conditions causing blood in the urine of women, such as urinary tract infection as opposed to potential bladder cancer, is one of the main reasons women end up having advanced stage bladder cancer.  When the cancer is not diagnosed in a timely fashion, the patient’s chance of survival and efficacy of treatment are significantly affected.

Those who have suffered adverse health effects or has lost a loved one due to cancer misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis may be able to seek financial compensation for their significant losses. These damages may include death or an increased risk of mortality or cancer recurrence, emotional trauma, lost earnings, losses of family members of the patient with cancer, costs associated with medical, surgical, and other care that may be needed to treat the conditions caused by the misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. A medical malpractice claim may assist a patient and his or her family need to recover emotionally and financially during a difficult time.

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