Toyota Recalls 307,848 Vehicles for Potential Inadvertent Curtain Shield Airbag (CSA) System Activation

Toyota is recalling approximately 307,900 vehicles because of a potential problem with the curtain shield airbag (CSA) sensor systems, causing them to activate inadvertently and when unnecessary. As a consequence of this airbag defect, the vehicle occupants could be injured.

According to, Toyota will launch its official recall of its model year 2008 Highlanders, model year 2008 Highlander Hybrids, and model years 2007-2008 Rav4s in early to mid-May of 2011. According to the recall notification, once adequate parts and remedy become available, Toyota will replace the airbag sensor assembly with a new one at no cost to the consumer.

Vehicle recalls are vital in ensuring that New Jersey consumers stay informed about defective auto parts which could jeopardize their safety. Some vehicle recalls are not timely made, and as a result, could cause serious injury or death from the vehicle’s defect and its effect on the car’s crashworthiness.

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