Maserati Recalls 7,400 Vehicles for Suspension Failure

Italian luxury car manufacturer Maserati has issued a recall for 7,438 of its vehicles due to a defect in the cars’ suspensions. The New York Times reports that the rear suspension of the affected vehicles may weaken and fail, potentially causing a crash.

The rear tie rod assemblies in 2005-2008 Quattroporte, 2008 Granturismo, and 2008 Alfa Romeo 8C vehicles may not have enough anti-corrosion material applied to them. As such, they may weaken over time and break. If the tie rods fail, the rear suspension of the vehicle can suddenly become unstable and cause a driver to lose control of the car. If this happens for even a moment, he or she may be involved in a serious accident.

Drivers depend on the stability and reliability of all aspects of a vehicle. Should part of the vehicle malfunction due to a structural defect, the car may become inoperable; resulting in an injury causing accident.

Maserati will be notifying owners of the recall, which will begin by the end of June 2013. At that time, dealers will replace the tie rod assemblies. If you are an owner of one of the possibly affected vehicles, call Maserati at (877) 696-2737; the recall is classified as campaign number 205.

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