Toyota Recalling Over 80,000 Vehicles for Electrical System Defect, Risk of Limited Drivability or Shut Down

Toyota has announced the recall of approximately 82,000 vehicles due to an electrical system defect that could increase the risk of an accident due to limited drivability or vehicle shutdown. According to, certain model year 2006-2007 Highlander Hybrid and Lexus RX400H Passenger Cars manufactured from February 16, 2005 through August 30, 2006, are included in the recall.

The primary concern with the affected cars is that transistors were inadequately soldered during the manufacturing process. The transistors may be affected by heat caused from electric current running through them. As a result, different warning lamps, including the malfunction indicator lamp, slip indicator light, brake system warning light, and master warning light, may illuminate on the instrument panel. Consequently, a vehicle may enter a fail-safe/limp-home mode in which a motorist’s ability to drive the car will be limited. In addition, the hybrid system may even shut down while the car is still in motion. These potential problems increase the danger of an accident taking place if the car unexpectedly slows or stops, or, a motorist loses drivability.

Owners of the recalled vehicles are expected to receive notification of the recall from Toyota/Lexus by mid-July and further notice when parts are available to complete necessary repairs. Repairs will be performed at no cost to the consumer if Toyota dealers determine the inverter has faulty transistors.

Vehicle manufacturers are responsible for designing, testing, manufacturing and distributing products which are safe to be used for the purpose intended. If a preventable manufacturing defect is the cause of an accident, the manufacturer may be held liable for any resulting injuries, damages and losses.

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