Route 9 Bus Rider Struck by Truck in NJ

It was recently reported by that a woman was struck by a truck and killed after she exited a New Jersey Transit bus on Route 9. The 54-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene. Police are still investigating the accident and have not said whether the 45-year-old driver of the truck was at fault. It was not reported whether alcohol or drugs were involved.

Tragic traffic accidents involving pedestrians too often end in wrongful death. Pedestrians stand little chance of avoiding significant injury when struck by a motor vehicle. Careless driving is a chief cause of auto accidents with pedestrian injury. Other factors, including dangerous road conditions, poor lighting, poor signage, or, poorly functioning traffic lights can also play a role in these tragic occurrences. As a result, it is also possible that a municipality in charge of the maintenance of roadways and signaling devices can be held liable for damages suffered by accident victims.

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