Route 33 Tractor-Trailers Collide Head-On

A tractor-trailer crash involving two drivers from New Jersey recently occurred on Route 33 in Pennsylvania. According to the Pocono Record, the crash took place between Route 209 and Route 80 near Snydersville, PA. The accident shut down northbound traffic on Route 33. The cause of the crash is still being investigated. However, it is known that the truck driver who was traveling southbound crossed the median into the northbound lane, jackknifed, and hit the other tractor-trailer. The force of the collision was severe enough to cause the engine of the wrong-way truck to be knocked off of the vehicle and onto the road.

There are a variety of factors that contribute to truck accidents. Driver error and inattention is often a reason. However, another factor could be vehicle malfunction. Some part of the truck, such as the brakes or the steering, could have failed, either because of a manufacturing defect or because of the failure to properly maintain the vehicle. Furthermore, hazardous road conditions can lead to a loss of vehicle control, resulting in a jackknife.

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