New Jersey Truck Driver Gets Prison Sentence for Fatal Accident

A New Jersey truck driver who pleaded guilty to negligent operation of a motor vehicle in connection with a fatal truck accident was sentenced to six months in prison and 10 years on probation.

According to a report in the Rutland Herald, the fatal accident occurred on April 16, 2008, when a New Jersey truck driver lost control of the tractor-trailer he was operating on Route 9 in Vermont; while negotiating a curve in the road. The truck, which was carrying an improperly secured load of heavy paper rolls, overturned and struck two cars in the opposite lane of oncoming traffic. Three people died as a result of injuries sustained in this accident. Police said the truck accident could have been avoided had the driver shifted his truck into a lower gear to compensate for the steep downgrade and the sharp degree of curve of the road.

Many tractor-trailer accidents in New Jersey happen because a truck driver is fatigued, or, poorly trained. The lives of motorists and their passengers are endangered by truck drivers who have delayed reaction times, and, who fail to stop or maneuver their trucks properly. Very often, the occupants of passenger vehicles are the most seriously injured in tractor-trailer accidents, primarily because of the overwhelming size and weight of the “big rigs”.

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