Potential Risk of Electrical Short Leading to Fire Initiates Ford Vehicle Recall

Ford Motor Co. is recalling 19,600 2011 model year trucks and crossover SUVs due to the potential of an electric short that could result in a fire, according to a CNN article.

Ford’s recall of certain 2011 model year F-150 trucks, Super Duty trucks (F-250 through F-550) and Edge and Lincoln MKX vehicles was initiated after fires began in the cabs of two F-150 trucks at a Michigan assembly plant late last year.

The defect was associated with a body control module manufactured by Lear Corp., which later discovered that an employee had failed to correctly clean a soldering machine over the course of six days in October. This increased the chances that modules manufactured during that time could have contaminants that could lead to internal shorts, overheating, and a vehicle fire. There are no known reports of fires associated with these recalled vehicles.

Approximately 14,730 of Ford’s recalled vehicles are in the United States and its territories. Most of the remaining vehicles are reported to be in Canada. Recall letters were to be sent by Ford to vehicles owners during the week of January 10, 2011.

Auto design defects have the potential to cause vehicle occupants harm or lead to accidents. While vehicle recalls may help to inform consumers about newly discovered vehicle defects, for some, the delivery of information to the public is often insufficient or not timely.

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