Pit Bulls Attack and Injure New Jersey Animal Control Officer

WPVI TV (an ABC affiliate) reported that an animal control officer in Willingboro, New Jersey was seriously injured after she was attacked by two pit bulls. The 62-year-old officer, a nine-year veteran in animal control, was addressing complaints that two pit bulls were roaming the neighborhood. Eyewitnesses told officials that the female officer was brutally attacked by the dogs, and that she was “dragged around like a rag doll”. The victim suffered 32 separate injuries including puncture wounds and severe lacerations. Fortunately, the woman assumed a fetal position, and used her radio to call for assistance. Responding police officers shot and killed the attacking pit bulls. No charges have been filed yet against the dogs’ owner, but, an investigation is ongoing.

In New Jersey, the owner and/or one in control of a dangerous dog can be held legally responsible for the dog’s actions, even if the dog has never shown signs of aggression or viciousness prior to an incident. In addition, owners of property where a dangerous animal is housed or otherwise kept may be responsible for allowing the dog to have access to the public; such as guard dogs at commercial premises.

In dog attack lawsuits, victims can seek compensation related to medical expenses, physical pain and suffering, the costs of cosmetic surgery to treat bite marks and scarring, and, for lost wages. Compensation in such cases may also include costs associated with the need for psychological therapy, which may be required for severely traumatized dog bite victims. Liability insurance coverage for defendants sued in dog bite lawsuits is generally available under their homeowner’s policy.

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