Jersey City Man in Critical Condition Following Pit Bull Attack

When a dog barks, snaps, or lunges at you, it can be pretty frightening. Especially when the dog involved is large and muscular, for example, a pit bull.  An attack by any canine can be traumatizing, and may leave the victim with life-threatening injuries, and/or those which may permanently disfigure.

A Jersey City, New Jersey man was recently attacked by his own dogs. Police reporting to a call about a dog bite found a man suffering from superficial wounds, claiming his friend’s pit bull had gotten out of its cage and attacked him. When officers went to investigate the home where the attack happened, they discovered the dog’s owner on the ground covered in blood with many deep wounds to his hands and stomach.

The dog owner was and taken to the hospital, and animal control removed his dogs.  The investigation remains open.

Depending upon the nature of a dog-bite incident, an owner of dogs could be found negligent and be held civilly liable for damages relative to injuries sustained by others.

No matter who owns the dog, even if a friend or family member, they still have a responsibility to keep people safe around their pets.

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