Clinton Woman Attacked by Dog

A Clinton woman suffered puncture wounds to her forearm when a dog attacked her as she walked past its yard. The incident took place in the Montaine Place neighborhood. A woman was walking her dog when white shepherd dog came charging out of a nearby yard and attacked. The victim was able to pick her dog up just in time, as the attacking animal bit into her forearm. The attacking dog then ran back onto the yard in which it came. Police were notified shortly after the attack.

Clinton police called in animal control once they noticed the woman’s injuries. Both the police and animal control contacted the owner of the dog and informed them of their rights. According to NJ state law, dogs that successfully bite another individual must be held in quarantine for up to 10 days. This is to control the spread of rabies, even if the dog has already been vaccinated against the disease.

Upon inspection, animal control officers found the owner had two white shepherd dogs and was unable to determine which dog had bitten the woman. As a precaution, both animals were put in quarantine. At the time of the attack no charges were filed.

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