Over 44,000 Cadillac CTS Models Recalled Due to Rear-Suspension Problem

According to The New York Times, General Motors Inc. has recalled about 44,000 model year 2009-2010 Cadillac CTS sedans.

The recall was prompted after it was discovered that the wax coating on the vehicle’s rear suspension toe link jam nuts may allow the nuts to loosen. If this occurred, it would cause a clanging sound; which if ignored or unnoticed could allow the vehicle’s rear wheel to turn either in or out. This could potentially cause a motorist to lose control when operating the vehicle and potentially cause an accident.

Owners of the recalled vehicles are advised to take the vehicle into a dealership, where the wax will be cleaned off of the rear suspension toe link. Two new jam nuts will also be installed to prohibit loosening, and if needed, the entire toe link will be replaced. To learn more about the recall, consumers are directed to contact GMC at 1-866-996-9463 or visit http://www.gmcownercenter.com.

Car manufacturers have a legal duty to design and construct vehicles that are safe for consumer use. When this responsibility is overlooked, whether intentionally or inadvertently, and a vehicle or vehicle part is defective or otherwise not fit for the purpose intended, the risk for serious injury to users escalates significantly.

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