Ocean Grove Rider Dies in Motorcycle Accident

A recent motorcycle accident in Tinton Falls took the life of a 36-year-old Ocean Grove man. According to an app.com article, after losing control of his motorcycle, the man collided with a cement divider along Route 33. The accident is still being investigated, and officials are examining whether another vehicle contributed to the motorcyclist losing control. Other causes of this tragic accident may also include dangerous road conditions (such as the existence of debris or uneven/poorly maintained road surfaces), or, a defective motorcycle part.

Although any motorist that loses control of a vehicle faces the potential of suffering injury, motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to some of the most catastrophic injuries. Data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that in 2007, in relation to each vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclists were approximately 35 times more likely to die in a traffic collision than occupants of passenger vehicles.

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Source Article: http://www.app.com/article/20090918/NEWS/90918064/1001/rss

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