Mayor of Lancaster Injured in New Jersey Motorcycle Accident

The mayor of Lancaster, Pennsylvania was injured while riding a motorcycle in New Jersey. reports that a box truck ran through a stop sign and hit the rider while he was on his BMW motorcycle. The mayor was wearing a helmet and other protective gear. However, he suffered a fractured collarbone, several fractured ribs and lung contusions.

Box trucks are oversized cargo trucks that do not require a motorist to have a commercial driver’s license. They are usually operated by individuals who are transporting goods, and, the general public can also rent them (typically through companies such as Ryder, Penske and U-haul, etc.). As a result of the limited license requirements, people with little or no experience sometimes operate these vehicles. An inexperienced truck driver may not understand truck handling, how long it takes to stop a box truck, or where all the “blind spots” are located.

Additionally, motorcycle accidents commonly lead to serious injuries, even at low impact speeds. Without the protection of an enclosed vehicle around them, motorcycle riders are vulnerable to the contact made with vehicles and the roadway. In fact, according to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), between 1975 and 1999, 38,000 motorcycle riders were killed in accidents.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents include impaired drivers under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, impaired vision, the failure of drivers of other vehicles to make proper observations of traffic, and, hazardous roadways (including road debris, potholes and road repairs).

NHTSA statistic also indicate that head injuries are one of the most common causes of motorcyclist death; and, that the lack of helmet use was also a common factor among a majority of riders who died in these accidents.

Negligent drivers who cause injuries, as well as municipalities, private property owners, and others responsible for the design and maintenance of roadways can potentially be held responsible for an accident resulting in injury.

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