Route 130 Fatal Accident Involving Two Motorcycles and Camper Trailer

A 36-year-old motorcyclist has been killed and another critically injured after being involved in an accident with a camper trailer on Route 130. An article reports that the power of the collision caused the trailer to catch fire after its propane tanks ruptured. The two motorcyclists reportedly crashed into the camping trailer as it attempted to navigate a left turn into the southbound lanes of Route 130.

According to the article, the camper was being towed by a pickup truck and the driver was not injured in the fiery crash. The motorcyclist who survived the accident has been listed in critical, but stable, condition after enduring an amputated leg. Mercer County officials were at the scene of the collision for many hours trying to establish how the accident occurred.

As this accident demonstrates, it only takes a few seconds for a serious injury and fatal motorcycle crash to occur. Although investigators are still determining the exact cause of this accident, the cause of motorcycle accidents in New Jersey may be contributed by factors other than motorcycle operator negligence, such as inattention of a car or truck driver, as well a unsafe road conditions.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that on average, more than 85% of motorcycle riders killed in two-vehicle crashes involved passenger vehicles and 98% of the fatalities were motorcycle riders with only 2% of the fatalities being passenger vehicle occupants. Due to the inherent risks associated with driving a motorcycle, which does not have the shielding protection that passenger cars, campers, and trucks offer, motorcyclists are at a greater risk of injury when other motorists fail to see them or cause accidents due to negligence operation of their vehicles.

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