New Jersey Teenager Attacked by Pit Bull

An 18-year-old Glassboro, New Jersey woman was bitten on the leg by a pit bull – a type of dog with known vicious propensities. The Gloucester County Times reports that officials took the pit bull into custody after the attack. The injured woman required treatment at a local trauma center. The dog’s owner claimed that the animal was on a leash and that the bite victim came too close to his dog. Local police are investigating this dog bite attack.

According to CDC statistics, each year, there are approximately 4.4 million dog bite injuries in the United States of which 800,000 require medical attention. Additionally, pit bulls and Rottweilers account for more than half of all dog bite fatalities in the United States.

In New Jersey, dog bite victims have the right to pursue compensation for physical and emotional injuries and damages they suffer as a result of an attack. New Jersey Statute 4:19-16, sets forth the responsibilities and liability of dog owners in such situations.

To pursue a claim against a dog owner, a dog bite victim must identify the dog owner and prove that the dog bit and injured him or her, and, that that they were in a public place or legally on private property at the time of the dog attack. The result of such claims depends upon various other issues including: Was the attack provoked or unprovoked?; did the dog have a history of viciously attacking other pets or people?; and was the dog restrained at the time?

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