New Jersey Child Attacked by Pit Bull

A young girl sustained injuries after she was attacked by a pit bull in Lafayette Park in Jersey City. The Jersey Journal reports that police shot and killed the dog shortly after the attack. The victim was at the public park near a school on Van Horne Street with her family. Fortunately, it appears that the young girl did not sustain any serious injuries.

Victims of a sudden violent dog attacks may require multiple hospital visits, plastic surgery, physical therapy and sometimes may need psychological counseling or therapy.

In assessing liability in a dog attack case, several issues should be considered, including: Was the dog known to be aggressive? Did the owner properly secure the animal? However, in New Jersey, even the owners of dogs without a history of aggressive behavior, and/or the owners of the property on which the attack takes place, may also be held liable for the damages caused by a dog bite or attack. Many dogs found wandering as strays have tags or data chips, which can help identify their owners; and, such owners can be held accountable for letting their dog get loose.

Dog owners may have homeowners liability insurance which may be available to help compensate victims of dog bites or attacks. Victims can seek compensation for all physical and psychological injuries and costs that stem from an attack.

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