Types of New Jersey Medical Malpractice Claims

We trust our healthcare providers with our well-being, and assume that care will be provided in accordance with accepted standards of care. Typically, healthcare providers (doctors, nurses, hospitals, technicians, etc.) do their best to ensure the safety and health of their patients. However, there are instances when the standards of care are breached, and patients sustain injuries due to that substandard care. In those instances, the failure to comport with the standards of care constitutes medical negligence (medical malpractice).

Medical malpractice claims are usually quite complex, and require representation by qualified and experienced medical malpractice attorneys. Utilization of various medical and other experts to assist in proving assertions of negligence is common. Not only must deviations from the standards of care be proven, but also that the departure from those standards caused the injury from which the patient suffers. Lastly, economists and other experts such as Life-Care Planners may be used to establish the value of economic damages associated with the injury.

Some typical assertions surrounding medical malpractice claims include:

• Surgical Errors and deficiencies in postoperative care
• Anesthesiologist negligence
• Medication errors
• Avoidable Birth Injuries during labor and delivery
Failure to timely diagnose and treat conditions (including infection, various cancers, and longstanding conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes or heart disease, which may ultimately result in injury to a patient
• Failure to timely diagnose conditions prenatally, and advise expectant parents accordingly so they may make informed decisions relative to a pregnancy
Laboratory and Pathology errors

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