Toyota Cars Investigated for Engine Stalling Problems

Federal safety officials at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have launched an investigation with regard to problems of engine stalling in Toyota Matrix and Toyota Corolla models. According to an article from, the NHTSA document cited 26 complaints of the engines in these vehicles stalling suddenly. Some of the complaints said the stalling occurred when the drivers were on highways or passing through intersections.

The troubled automaker recently issued a massive auto product defect recall involving 4.2 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Those models had sudden acceleration problems, which were related to defective design of the accelerator pedal. Toyota also recently recalled 110,000 Tundra pickup trucks because of a rust problem that could cause the spare tire to fall out of its well, creating a hazard for other vehicles on the roadway.

Engine stalling, sudden acceleration, and, other auto product defects, are extremely hazardous, and, can result in motor vehicle accidents resulting in devastating injuries to occupants of vehicles. Those injured and their families may incur significant expenses related to medical/hospital treatment, rehabilitation and other therapies. In many cases, those injured and/or their family members may not be able to return to their jobs, or, be gainfully employed again.

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