General Motors Recalling 300,000 Silverado and Sierra Vehicles for Engine Fire Hazards

Issues with exhaust components have led to General Motors LLC recalling approximately 300,000 of its vehicles. According to an article posted on CBS News (Philly), apparent defects in computer software can lead to the exhaust components overheating when the vehicle is idling in cold temperatures, potentially leading to an engine fire. During an overheating incident, nearby plastic parts may melt or catch fire.

Reports indicate that the 2014 Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras equipped with 4.3 liter and 5.3 liter engines are included in the recall.

Currently, eight fires linked to the defect have been reported, and aside from vehicle damage there was one report of one garage sustaining fire damage. All of the fires happened during cold weather.

General Motor started notifying owners of the recall in late January, and to remedy the defect, GM will have dealers reprogram the engine control modules of the affected vehicles without charge. To learn more, call Chevrolet at (800) 222-1020 or GMC at (800) 462-8782. The recall is designated under identification number 14008.

Whether it is during a crash or without a collision, when a car catches fire, anyone in the vehicle or nearby can be seriously or fatally harmed.

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