Study Finds Similarities Between 12 Types of Cancer Tumors

Scientists from the National Institutes of Health’s Cancer Genome Atlas found that their studies have revealed strong similarities between 12 different types of cancer tumors. As reported by The Los Angeles Times, sequencing technologies and computing methods used by researchers found similarities in the molecular profiles of the tumors.

Those involved with the study examined tumors from thousands of patients suffering from 12 different types of cancer. These included tumors in the lung, kidney, brain, head and neck, breast, cervix, ovary, colon and rectum, and one type of leukemia. Research findings included similarities in gene copy-numbers and two new large classes of molecular profiles.

Results from the research will be published over several months, but current information has shown that tumors of various origins and organs have genetic similarities.

Researchers with The Cancer Genome Atlas hope to identify how genes are altered within tumors and what effects are caused by those changes. By doing so, the progression of cancer and better treatments for tumor types and subtypes might be possible.

Members of the research team believe that improvements in determining the genetic profiles of cancers could improve future treatment. Eventually, findings could lead to new tests and treatment trials that could eventually lead to new treatments for patients.

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