Rutgers Research Links Endometrial Cancer to High-Sugar Diets

Rutgers University researchers have linked diets high in sugary drinks and foods to a potential increase in the risk for endometrial cancer. A Star Ledger article published on referenced a study at the New Jersey University which examined 424 women with endometrial cancer and 398 women in a control group, comparing them to find common links to the cancer.

During the study, researchers compared the diets, waist measurements, and hip measurements of the women. According to the study, women with diets that had the most sugar had an 84 percent increased risk of endometrial cancer compared to those with the least amount of sugar.

Women who had gained weight around the waist and hips had a higher risk of endometrial cancer, but when combined with high-sugar diets, their risk for this particular cancer more than doubled. However, the authors of the study said that it did not prove sugary food and drinks caused endometrial cancer, simply that women with high sugar diets were at greater risk.

According to the American Cancer Society, almost 50,000 cases of endometrial cancer occur every year, with approximately 8,000 deaths happening per year.

It is well known throughout the medical industry that proper and timely diagnosis and treatment are vital to a favorable prognosis where the likelihood of surviving cancer is increased. Unfortunately, countless healthcare professionals misdiagnose cancer or do not diagnose it at all until the disease process has progressed, leading to complications and sometimes fatality.

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