Possible Microbial Contamination Causes Recall of All Lots of Triad Group Alcohol Prep Pads, Alcohol Swabs and Alcohol Swab Sticks

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced in a press release that over-the-counter products manufacturer Triad Group is voluntarily recalling all lots of Alcohol Prep Pads, Alcohol Swabs and Alcohol Swab sticks. The recall was launched due to a customer posing concerns about potential contamination of the products with Bacillus cereus, a bacteria that can be harmful to humans.

Alcohol Prep Pads, Alcohol Swabs, and Alcohol Swab sticks manufactured by Triad Group are intended to be used to disinfect an area of the body, i.e., to help prevent infection. One report has been received of a non-life-threatening skin infection due to the recalled products. Use of the potentially contaminated products could cause a person to suffer from life-threatening infections, especially those individuals with weak immune systems or those who are post-surgical patients.

Consumers who have any of these products in their possession that list “Triad Group” as the manufacturer are being advised not to use the products, and, that they should return the products to the location where it was purchased to receive a full refund.

The recall includes products marked as “sterile” as well as “non-sterile” that were distributed nationwide to retail pharmacies, and are in individual packets. These products are sold in retail pharmacies in a box containing 100 packets. The potentially contaminated Alcohol Prep Pads, Alcohol Swabs, and Alcohol Swab sticks can be identified by “Triad Group” or sold with the following names on their packaging: Cardinal Health, PSS Select, VersaPro, Boca/ Ultilet, Moore Medical, Walgreens, CVS, and Conzellin.

Consumers should be able to expect medical products will be safe to use for the purpose intended and free of any contaminant or defect that could cause an injury, illness, or death. At Blume Forte, our New Jersey product liability lawyers understand the potential physical, financial, and emotional consequences that can be caused by contaminated products. If you have suffered harm as a result of the use of a contaminated product, call us at 973-845-4421 for a no-cost consultation to learn about your possible legal rights. We can help you determine whether or not you may have a meritorious product liability claim.

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