Pedestrian Accident Death Toll Up in New Jersey

Recent data released by the New Jersey State Police indicates that New Jersey pedestrian accident fatalities in 2009 exceeded those in 2008. According to a news report, as of December 2009, 155 people died in pedestrian accidents in 2009 — up from 136 in 2008.

The State Police offer several useful safety tips for pedestrians. Pedestrians should stay off of highways where vehicle speeds are usually higher, and, where visibility is reduced for both drivers and pedestrians. If your vehicle is disabled, stay inside and call/wait for emergency assistance. Only cross roadways at legal crossings such as marked crosswalks. Never wear earphones that impede your hearing while crossing the street. Don’t walk on or near roadways while intoxicated, which could be extremely dangerous. It is important that pedestrians obey traffic signals, avoid jaywalking, and heed traffic and roadway conditions.

Often, pedestrian accidents occur because of driver error or negligence. Pedestrian accidents could occur because of driver intoxication, or, where a driver is distracted, speeding, or, is failing to obey traffics signs and signals.

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