Pedestrian Injury Accident During Storm

Two people were recently injured in a Newton, New Jersey pedestrian accident after they were hit by a car while crossing a street. According to a news report in The Star-Ledger, this New Jersey pedestrian accident occurred at the intersection of Sparta and Merriam avenues on September 16, 2010. A 23-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman sustained facial injuries and the female victim suffered a leg injury when struck by the vehicle. The female driver, a 23-year-old resident of Andover Township, was cited for careless driving and failure to yield to a pedestrian.

Injured victims of pedestrian accidents, if possible, should immediately call the police to respond to the scene of the accident. It is important to seek evaluation and/or treatment by a medical professional soon after an accident. Many injuries, especially head, neck, back, shoulder and knee injuries, often take time to fully manifest themselves, and may worsen over time if not properly diagnosed or promptly treated. Promptly seeking medical treatment will also create a verifiable record of the injuries sustained and their relationship to the incident. Seeking the advice of an experienced pedestrian accident attorney is also recommended.

An experienced personal injury attorney who handles pedestrian accident claims can investigate a claim to determine those responsible for the pedestrians’ injuries. In many cases, defendants may not just include the driver, but also may include municipalities and/or other property owners if a road hazard, lack of proper road signs, malfunctioning or inadequate traffic lights, or road debris/disrepair played a part in causing the accident. If a driver’s intoxication caused the accident, additional claims can possibly be made against bars, clubs, restaurants and/or hotels where the driver was permitted to consume excessive alcohol.

If you have been injured in a New Jersey pedestrian accident because of another person’s negligence, it is important to seek the counsel of a skilled New Jersey personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Contact the pedestrian accident lawyers at Blume Forte at 973-845-4421 for a no-cost consultation and evaluation of your potential claim.

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