NJ Turnpike Bus Accident Results in Injuries

A story published by wcbstv.com details a tragic bus accident in which a tractor trailer and Greyhound bus collided on the New Jersey Turnpike. The bus was carrying five passengers, all of whom were injured, but not seriously. The degree of the bus driver’s injuries was still in question at the time the story was published. It is known, however, that she was flown to a hospital after having been trapped inside the bus.

Although it is not yet clear what caused this New Jersey bus accident, we know from other bus accidents that contributing factors often include:

  • Driver inattention and/or distraction
  • Dangerous road conditions
  • Defective automotive parts
  • Excessive speed or unsafe lane changing
  • Poorly maintained vehicles

Whenever we travel by bus, especially a tour, school, charter bus or commercial carrier, we put our lives in the hands of the bus drivers and bus or transit company. Transit companies have the responsibility to train their drivers to operate buses safely and efficiently. They also have a duty to ensure that the vehicles they put on the road are in good condition and free from defect. Equally, tractor-trailer operators need to have a special license to operate their vehicles (C.D.L – or, commercial driver’s license), ensuring that they are trained on how to operate their trucks safely. Very often, however, these commitments are not met.

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Source Article: http://wcbstv.com/local/greyhound.bus.accident.2.1197183.html

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