Who’s to Blame for Your New Jersey Intersection Accident?

If you are involved in a car accident in New Jersey, there’s a good chance that it took place at an intersection. With thousands of crossroads and high volume intersections scattered across the state, it’s not uncommon for motor vehicle accidents to occur at these locations. These accidents include pedestrian and cyclist knockdowns as well as collisions with other motorized vehicles.  In fact, the New Jersey State Police estimates that over 100 intersection accidents occur each day across the state.

Each accident is different, and any number of potential parties may be responsible for your injuries:

  • Motorists – Another driver may have been careless/negligent in being distracted, speeding, failing to follow the rules of the road and/or traffic control devices and signs, or, they may even have been intoxicated or under the influence of medications.
  • Local/Municipal Government and their Contractors– In some instances, the city, State or County in which the accident took place may be responsible for your accident. There may have been excessive debris and/or other unrepaired hazards on the roadway (including potholes), or other hazardous conditions including non-secure construction zones, etc. Signage and traffic control devices (such as traffic lights) may be inoperable, missing or otherwise inadequate. Road markings may be in error, confusing or inadequate.

While many intersection accidents appear on their surface to clearly indicate who is at fault, often the accident scenarios are much more complex. It would be best advised to retain experienced legal counsel to help you determine the liability issues as well as the potential parties you may be able to recover from in a lawsuit.

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