New Drug Could Be Used to Treat Prostate Cancer in 2010

Prostate cancer is the most commonly occurring non-skin cancer in the United States today. That is significant considering this type of cancer only affects males. However, prostate cancer has an extremely high survival rate because of new breakthroughs in not only treatment, but also due to early detection. The Associated Press has reported that the pharmaceutical company Dendreon has submitted a Food and Drug Administration application seeking approval of the drug Provenge, which apparently has shown promise with regard to the treatment of prostate cancer. Dendreon has said that it hopes to launch this new drug in 2010 once the FDA has approved it.

Despite advances in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate and other cancers, unfortunately there are still a number of physicians who do not always screen patients for prostate cancer with PSA test or a DRE (digital rectal examination) ,or, who fail to appreciate the significance of symptoms or warning signs associated with this cancer. There is no denying that early diagnosis and prompt treatment is the key to increasing ones chances of surviving any type of cancer. In many cases where cancer is misdiagnosed or not timely diagnosed, there can be a delay in treatment, and, a poorer prognosis for cure as result.

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