New CPSC Crib Safety Regulations in Effect

New crib safety regulations created by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) went into effect on June 28, 2011.

According to an article on, the new safety regulations ban the manufacturing and sale of drop-side cribs, which means that all cribs will need to have four fixed, immobile sides. In addition, crib manufacturers will now be required to enhance the strength of crib slat and mattress supports, as well as include anti-loosening devices to ensure that hardware does not come loose or fall off.

In the article, one woman, whose son died in a defective crib in 2004, stated, “I know times are tough, but I always felt like the price of a crib is minuscule compared to the price of your child’s life… I was a normal mom raising her kids. Never in a million years would I have thought that could happen to me.”

Consumers currently using drop-side cribs or other cribs that do not meet the new standards are being told they can still use them as long as they check them regularly for proper assembly and loose or broken components. However, consumers are also being advised that it may be safer to buy a new crib that meets the new standards.

The new crib standards have been introduced after drop-side cribs were associated with causing at least 32 infant deaths since 2000. Over the last four years, the CPSC has announced the recall of over 11 million hazardous cribs.

Consumers should also be aware that it is against the law to sell or even donate a crib that does not adhere to the new safety regulations. However, day care centers, hotels and companies that rent cribs are surprisingly being allowed to use potentially harmful cribs that do not meet the standards until a deadline at the end of 2012.

Although the new crib safety regulations do not include a recall of all drop-side cribs, some manufacturers have recalled their cribs and some have given consumers tools to immobilize the drop sides. For more information on the new rules, visit the CPSC’s website.

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