Man and NJ Transit Train Collide, Man Dies

A New Jersey Transit train headed to New York was involved in a pedestrian accident at the New Bridge Landing Station in River Edge, New Jersey. According to a report issued by, the express train was headed Northbound when the accident occurred. The victim, a 49-year-old man from Teaneck, may or may not have purposely stepped in front of the train before he was fatally struck. None of the 350 on-board passenger train riders were injured during the incident. Police are still investigating the matter. This was the 16th pedestrian death involving a New Jersey Transit train in 2009, and, the second of its kind to occur in recent weeks.

Pedestrian accidents involving trains often result in serious injury or death. While the above case suggests a possible suicide, an investigation has not yet been determined what exactly caused the man to fall in front of the train’s path. If accidental, the investigators need to precisely determine how the man was able to enter onto the tracks in the first place. If safety railing and other deterrents could have been put in place to possibly prevent such an accident from occurring, then those entities designing, controlling and maintaining, the train station may be responsible.

Transit companies have an obligation to ensure the safety of pedestrians and their riders. As a common carrier involved in the business of transportation, they owe a higher degree of care than do ordinary citizens. They must take all necessary precautions to see to it that tragic events such as the one identified herein are avoided

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