Improper Tire Pressure Poses Potential Risk in Jaguars

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Jaguar is recalling certain vehicles where the recommended tire pressure on the tire placard label does not correspond with the tires fitted to the vehicle. The vehicles fail to conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 110, known as “Tire Selection and Rims.” According to the recall, vehicle owners that do not inflate tires to the correct pressure run the risk of losing vehicle control, as stability is diminished, and, the likelihood of being involved in a motor vehicle accident is increased. Previously, Jaguar also recalled vehicles fitted with run flat tires for failing to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 138, “Tire Pressure Monitoring System.” The concern was that the failure to warn of tire deflations constitutes noncompliance with FMVSS 138 and could lead to tire failure and a crash.

These product recalls are representative of the various types of issues that a consumer may face after purchasing a product. Though the product referenced was tested before its release for sale to the public, certainly evaluated and observed by numerous people, and deemed safe, the tire pressure issues were not discovered until after individuals may have been injured as the result of the defect. Jaguar has cautioned consumers of the tire pressure issue. However, the company may still be liable for injuries and property damage that the product defect caused.

Manufacturers, product designers, and distributors have an obligation to provide the public with products that are safe and fit for the purposes intended. Automobile product defects affect a large number of consumers each year; and while car manufacturers test and inspect vehicles, oversights, such as the ones mentioned here, can certainly lead to serious injury or death.

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