Headlight Usage Decreases Your Chances of Causing an Auto Accident

Safe driving practices are the best way to prevent automobile accidents. Ultimately, if every motorist on the road followed every traffic rule, the number of injuries and deaths that occur on our nation’s roads and highways each year would be greatly diminished. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles in New Jersey, traffic law mandates that the headlights on a vehicle must be illuminated from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise. Using your headlights in accordance with this regulation not only allows a motorist to clearly see the road ahead of him or herself, but also allows motorists to clearly see oncoming vehicles. Inclement weather, particularly when visibility is reduced to 500 feet or less, is another prerequisite for making sure that one’s headlights are on. In rainy weather, when visibility is limited by both the weather conditions and the use of windshield, headlight usage is vital.

Every year, thousands of motorists are injured because other motorists choose not to follow traffic laws. In the event that driver negligence causes an accident resulting in injury, our legal system allows for compensatory damages to be paid to the injured parties. In order to ensure that your rights to such compensation are protected, an experienced New Jersey auto accident attorney should be retained to assist those injured in motor vehicle accidents in pursuing their claims.

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Source: http://www.dmv.org/nj-new-jersey/safety-laws.php

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