Franklin Township Three-Vehicle Accident Injures Two

Two people sustained injuries in a New Jersey car accident involving three vehicles in Franklin Township. According to a news report in the Gloucester County Times, a 2003 Saab ran through a stop sign at the intersection of Malaga Road and Route 538. The Saab then collided with a 2002 Hyundai, which was traveling east on Route 538. The Hyundai was pushed into a 2001 Ford Focus. The 56-year-old male driver of the Saab and the 46-year-old driver of the Hyundai were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of their injuries.

Under New Jersey Statutes 39:4-120.9, drivers must obey all traffic control devices/signs. The law states in part: “The driver of a motor vehicle shall observe and obey any official traffic control device erected at a public-private intersection….”. Violation of this statute, or any other New Jersey traffic law, can be a basis to establish the negligence of a driver who caused a motor vehicle accident. If injuries are suffered as a result of a driver’s failure to obey traffic signs or signals, consultation with a New Jersey attorney familiar with local traffic laws is important in helping to establish the fault of the culpable driver. Even when a driver does not run a red light or stop sign, a violation of a New Jersey traffic law may still be established, such as: the failure to make proper observations of traffic and traffic conditions, or, following another vehicle too closely.

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