FDA Issues Warning About Toxicity in Teething Tablets

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a warning to consumers about Hyland’s Teething Tablets, which officials say can pose serious health risks to babies.

According to the FDA the manufacturer has recalled these teething tablets because they contain belladonna, which may be harmful in large doses. Symptoms of belladonna toxicity include seizures, muscle weakness, difficulty breathing, sleepiness, constipation and agitation. Any parent who has this defective product at home is directed to stop giving it to their children immediately

The FDA, which exists to help protect the consumer from dangerous products, often does not take any type of mandated recall action until enough information about a product is collected. This means that numerous consumers may be injured before it is made clear by public disclosure through the FDA that a defective product may harmful.

If you believe that a product is defective or dangerous, it is important that you notify the governmental agency which oversees the consumers’ safety of the particular product’s fitness for public use. Typically, this would be either the FDA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or Consumer Product and Safety Commission.

Victims of defective products may also pursue claims compensation for their losses; a skilled New Jersey product liability lawyer will know what steps a victim should take to obtain compensation for their physical injuries and associated medical expenses and lost income.

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