Experts Say Remain in Vehicle After Crash

Personal Injury Car Accident Lawyer NJThe initial minutes after a car accident are usually filled with shock, confusion and an attempt at trying to understand what just occurred. This state is normal following an accident, and it’s common to feel a sense of urgency in evaluating the extent of your injuries and property damage. Instead, experts encourage victims to take a deep breath, report the accident to authorities and stay inside the car if you’re in a safe area.

Remain in Your Vehicle

Researchers studying accident fatalities have reported that it’s much safer for people to remain in their cars during a roadside emergency because it’s the safest place to be even after a crash. As long as you are not in immediate danger, remaining in your seat is the best option for you. If possible, then guide your disabled vehicle to the side of the highway or out of the main road. Victims should contact 911 emergency services for expedited roadside assistance. It’s recommended that you turn on your hazards to make your disabled vehicle more visible to other traffic.

New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys

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