Do You Know the Symptoms of Erb’s Palsy (Brachial Plexus Injuries) in Babies?

Erbs-Duchenne palsy, commonly referred to as Erb’s Palsy, is paralysis of the arm, shoulder, wrist, and/or hand that results from injury to the nerves that travel from the cervical spine in the neck through the arm. These nerves are known as the “brachial plexus.” Erb’s Palsy occurs when a delivering healthcare provider applies too much force during the child’s delivery, causing trauma to the Brachial Plexus nerves.

The symptoms of this nerve trauma include varying degrees of paralysis and/or lack of function or range of motion in different parts of the upper extremity, which begins early on in the child’s life. Symptoms may continue after treatment by physical or occupational therapy and/or surgery.

The New Jersey birth injury lawyers at Blume Forte believe that every parent should recognize these symptoms and be aware of how this law firm can assist in seeking monetary recoveries for these injuries to a child.

The parents of a newborn with Erb’s Palsy may notice that the arm is turned inward toward the body or that the arm is flexed at the elbow much of the time. In addition, a baby may not appear to feel much of anything in the damaged arm, or might have decreased sensation. Some babies with Erb’s Palsy have weak or absent reflexes while others are completely unable to move their arm or shoulder.

An electromyography or a nerve conduction study may be needed to examine nerve activity within various muscle groups to see specifically which nerves are affected and to what degree.

Depending on the severity of the nerve damage, there are a number of potential treatment methods for Erb’s Palsy, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and surgery (neurosurgery for nerve grafting, and/or orthopedic surgical procedures for revisions to bones and muscle transfers).

Parents of children with Erb’s Palsy can spend significant time, money, and effort to ensure that their children regain significant functionability of their arms and hands.

If your child suffers from Erb’s Palsy, our experienced medical malpractice lawyers can help you understand your rights and options. Please contact us for a no-cost evaluation of your potential claim.

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