Birth Injuries Caused by Failing to Timely Perform a Cesarean Section

A Cesarean Section (C-Section), is a surgical procedure in which a doctor cuts through the mother’s pelvic tissue to deliver a child.

Prenatally, healthcare providers should appropriately monitor the health of the mother and fetus.  If circumstances arise which preclude a vaginal delivery, the healthcare providers need to timely deliver the child surgically by C-section.

C-Sections are significant surgical procedures and may be performed electively in non-emergent situations.  However, if a doctor delays in performing a C-section in light of an emergency such as fetal distress or certain maternal conditions, it can lead to serious injuries to the mother and child.

A failure to timely perform a C-section when required may result in ongoing hypoxia or decreased oxygen supply to the fetus.  In addition, ongoing and/or significant infectious processes prior to deliver may compromise the mother and fetus, and therefore may also require a C-section delivery in an expeditious manner.  Failing to deliver timely can cause brain and other birth injuries, resulting in neurological deficits, developmental delays and other conditions such as Cerebral Palsy.

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